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The Tuit Agency works with employers to design enhanced benefits packages for their employees that result in a reduction in operating costs and higher retention rates. We work to understand the needs of both YOU, as the employer, and the needs of your employees to create a benefits package that you can be proud of.  Your company should not lose its employees because they need better benefits. 

Kerrie G. Spriggs

Kerrie has been in insurance since 2008. Her experience began as an Independent Agent/District Sales Coordinator for one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers. She has devoted much of her time educating, strategizing, selling and training others in health and disability benefits.  Her experience allows her to be hands on and strategic.

In 2017 Kerrie founded the Tuit Agency in Houston, Texas.  She currently works with all sizes of businesses recommending and creating comprehensive employee benefits programs.  Kerrie’s strong relationships and knowledge in the industry enable her to customize benefits packages for her clients which fit most every budget.


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